Frequently Asked Questions

Your brand is more than just your product or service. It’s your vibe; it’s what drives you. It draws people in and gets them excited about following you, buying from you, and telling all their friends.
Brand strategy is your action plan to connect with your soon-to-be captive audience across all marketing channels. Max Pet Marketing works with you to strengthen your brand identity so you stand out from the crowd. We follow that up with a customized marketing strategy that will smash your business goals out of the dog park.
The goal of our evaluation is to get to know your market and your business inside and out. The better we know you, the better we can create a targeted plan for visibility and growth. You’ll get a detailed review of your website, social media, search engine results, and public persona to understand how your customers view you now.
We’ll capitalize on your strengths, then identify the roadblocks standing in your way. We analyze your competitors and market to find out what’s working, what’s missing, and where you have an opportunity to lead the pack.
We call our clients petrepreneurs – they’re start-ups and small to mid-sized businesses that put pets first. Americans will spend over $100 billion on their pets in 2021 – and we want to make sure the little guys get a big, well-deserved slice of that pie.
Absolutely. Pets are part of the family and deserve to be treated with love and respect. We refuse to work with companies that sell animals, promote products that inflict pain, advocate for punishment, or have philosophies that aren’t aligned with our own. #sorrynotsorry
We love to help rescues and non-profits spread awareness about their mission. You give so much of yourselves and deserve to get a little something back. Qualified non-profits receive 50% off all brand evaluations and 25% off all other services.
If you’ve made it this far, you’re probably not selling products or services that should be chucked in the bin. We do our homework before we get paid, and we want you as a client because we believe in you. The problem is usually that companies aren’t really sure who they are or how to share it. Our evals are a starting point to find your authentic brand identity.

We may be the marketing pros, but you’re the captain of this ship. That’s why we spend time digging deep into your mission, goals, and audience to create a roadmap to success that’s built just for you. It’s also why we complete each project in stages. We welcome and encourage feedback every step of the way. If you’re ever feeling unsure, let’s talk about why so we can adjust going forward.

The power is in your hands. No matter what, you’re going to walk away with an action plan and 30 days of phone and email support. If you decide to DIY, we’ve got your back.
If you loved the experience and you’re hungry for more, Max Pet Marketing offers copy and content writing services, social media management, and ongoing coaching. We also have a network of amazing agencies that we can refer you to for design, website maintenance, and much more.
As soon as we receive your questionnaire and payment, your pet biz is in the queue. Times vary based on the scope of your project, but we’ll make sure that you’re in the loop and know what to expect every step of the way.
We deliver all projects via email unless previously arranged. Your brand evaluation documents come in .pdf format and all copy and content writing will be delivered as .docx files. You can choose to schedule your consultation or coaching sessions as a Zoom meeting or phone call.
Max Pet Marketing will do the heavy lifting and make it look easy. We just ask that you carve out some time to be thorough with your questionnaire. That small investment will lead to big returns for your business. Your new brand strategy will be easy to implement and tailored specifically to your bandwidth – outsourcing and automation can help you focus on what you do best (helping pets).
Couldn’t be easier. Just give Kati a call at 573-645-5471 or email . It only takes a few minutes. We’ll send your kick-off questionnaire within two business days, then get your project in the queue. Excited? We sure are.