Meet the Team

Kati Keyes

President and Brand Strategy Coach
Hi, I’m Kati Keyes. I’ve been in pet industry sales and marketing for over ten years and I’ve worked with thousands of pet businesses. Petrepreneurs all have one thing in common - they LOVE animals. Unfortunately, driving sales for their businesses doesn’t always come as naturally. That’s where Max Pet comes in. I leverage my expertise and BS in Psychology to get to the heart of what will help you connect with your audience. I’ll zero in on your market, identify costly mistakes, and build a clear strategy roadmap to success. All you have to do is use it. Together, we’ll make it easy to implement what you need to smash those sales goals. But I couldn’t do it alone. Meet the rest of the Max Pet Marketing Team.

Ashley Polta

Brand Strategist and Senior Copywriter
Brand strategy is nothing without the words to sell it, and Ashley is our resident expert at both. She develops a trustworthy, consistent brand voice that pet business owners can use with confidence across all channels. Ashley crafts compelling copy for your business, so you can focus on doing what you love.

Wendy Smith

Wendy specializes in conversion copywriting. With over a decade of experience in relationship sales, she understands how to turn your new brand voice into words that will hit hard and connect with your audience. She loves nothing more than a great story and looks forward to telling yours.

Callie Burnette

Social Media Manager and Strategist
If you found Max Pet Marketing through social media, you have Callie to thank (and so do we). Our resident social media whiz advises on social media strategy to help Max Pet Marketing clients build authentic connections through organic reach and targeted ad campaigns.

Kristen Kinney

Project Manager
.Kristen is the backbone of our team. With an adorable two-year-old at home, she’s used to cleaning up messes - but at Max Pet Marketing, she prevents them. Kristen runs projects behind the scenes, supporting our team every step of the way as we work to help you grow your pet business.


Office Manager and Sometimes-Model
Don’t tell Kati, but Reese rules the roost from his own personal twin-sized bed. Yes, this dog is spoiled but he deserves every bit of it. From humble beginnings as a neglected backyard puppy, Reese has become a squirrel-chasing, cuddle-loving, bundle of frenetic energy. He’s also Katelyn’s favorite model and available for your product launch shoot.